Saving Lives at Sea

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Sep 2022
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 22/09/2022 Thursday night training

Senior crew familiarisation session on Te Awarua Rescue. Ran through the systems again and then circumnavigated Mana Island to practice navigation and try out the systems.

4 36
Tue, 20/09/2022 Tuesday night training

Familiarisation session on the new vessel Te Awarua Rescue. Crew going through systems in detail and then we went out for the first night cruise. Headed out to Titahi Bay, across towards Mana Island and then back again.

9 36
Mon, 19/09/2022 Monday Night Training - Te Awarua

Familiarisation on vessel  trained with built in fire pump.  Went through all systems.  

4 48
Sat, 17/09/2022 Te Awarua Rescue engine handover and shakedown

After being put in the water at Mana for the first time yesterday we had a handover from Strait Marine to introduce us to the new diesel outboard engines, etc. 

Then we took it out for a quick shakedown trip out towards Mana Island and back to try it out and test the systems.

3 13.5
Tue, 13/09/2022 Tuesday night training

Assessments for new crew, running through vessel familiarisation and MOSS emergency procedures, etc.

4 12
Mon, 12/09/2022 Monday night training - Phoenix

In marina close quarter manouvering,  MOB, Hyperthermia, anchoring.  

4 48
Aug 2022
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Tue, 30/08/2022 Tuesday night training

Vessel familiarisation training on Phoenix Rescue. Then moved into tow/barge line handling session alongside the breastworks in the marina, practicing line handling, communications/coordination between helm and person managing the line, etc.

5 15
Tue, 23/08/2022 Tuesday night training

Ran through multiple emergency drills with new crew:

  • MOB
  • Fire
  • Abandon ship
  • Anchoring
6 18
Thu, 18/08/2022 Thursday Night IMT/Nav

Crew came together to work through IMT actions over 4 x marine resce scenarios

6 18
Tue, 16/08/2022 Tuesday night training

Moving a yacht in the marina for someone. Talked through emergency procedures:

  • man overboard
  • fire, leading into
  • abandon ship

Ran through the steps required for each with the new recruits ready to perform practical exercises next week.

7 21
Thu, 11/08/2022 Thursday IMT/Navigation

Crew worked through a rnge of IMT based navgation and information . plotting the postions and reviewing land marks

9 27
Tue, 09/08/2022 Tuesday night training

Area familiarisation and navigation trip with new recruits to show them around the local area. 

Left Mana, entered Titahi Bay, down to Green Point, across to Mana Island to find the club moorings, visited the ranger station, back to Plimmerton Boating Club and then home.

5 17.5
Fri, 05/08/2022 Thursday Snr Crew endorsement training

Phonix Rescue - heavy weather  fam,bar crossing and Moss drill MOB

3 13.5
Thu, 04/08/2022 Thurs Senior Crew

Heavy weather helming inside Mana Island, David practising on radar.

Ended up with a bilge pump alarm going off that could not be cleared so had to return to base and report.

Peter Ward also onboard as deck crew and learning local area fam.

6 12
Tue, 02/08/2022 Tues Recruit Crew

Conor ran the recruits through the monthly maintenance check for Phoenix Rescue. Started on CRV Fam until an issue with the trailer attachment ended the evening and a debrief happened before crew departed.

5 10
Mon, 01/08/2022 Monday Night Training

Phoenix familiarisation for all crew.  Launched,familiarised handling vessel.

Undertook MOSS drills

 Man Overboard x 2

Collision/Structural Breach

Medical Emergency (Secondary Drowning, fractured ribs with punctured lung, hypothermia)

Abandon Ship


4 48
Jul 2022
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 28/07/2022 Thurs Senior Crew

Crew trained in navigation with tidal drifts and finished with some IMT work

7 21
Tue, 26/07/2022 Tuesday Night Recruit Training Group

Tara led Stephen through assessment for SHED and Keeping a Good Lookout (also know as Observation Techniques). Also ran Stephen, Deano and James through some local area fam, MOB drill and Recovery then Fire drill alongside the jetty in the Marina.

Conor supported as Senior Crew

Trevor Skipper for the night and was helming

6 12
Thu, 21/07/2022 Thursday Snr Training

Crew worked through navigation and IMT skills with John and Trevor

10 30
Tue, 19/07/2022 Tuesday Night Recruit Training

Conor and Tara ran Stephen and Deano through CRV Fam, start up procedures, risk assessments, where to locate SOPs and SAR Book. 

Noted there was a power cut the entire night so was all done by torches!

4 6
Tue, 12/07/2022 Tuesday Night Recruit Group

Tara went through assessment plans with Stephen and Conor ran them through Getting to Know the Ropes and CRV modules working towards TFA assessments.

5 12.5
Thu, 07/07/2022 PHR - Thursday training

PHR - Complete all MOSS drills - set up long tow - mooring between piles at Onepoto arm - SOP review of MOSS drills

5 20
Tue, 05/07/2022 Tuesday night training

Training session with new recruits. They were run through the theory of S.H.E.D (Safe Home Every Day) and observation skills. 

Then we took MR1 out of the channel for a practical observation session.

8 28
Jun 2022
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 30/06/2022 Thursday Night Monthly MOSS checks and SOPS review

Crew completed the Monthlky MOSS checks and maintenance review for MR1 & PHR. 

Moved to reviewing MOSS drills FIRE for PHR and set up for SOPS process

6 21
Tue, 28/06/2022 Trainee group

First night for new trainees - Neil delivered basic knots - heaving line use - rope types and uses.                     Tara delivered intro to MOSS - Dan, Steve & Deano

6 12
Sun, 19/06/2022 2022 Recruit Induction

6 x recruits went through an induction day withe the unit. the recruits worked some of the practicals aspects of our operational training, including:

In water safety, In water practical, H&S basics and some practical boat time with a few MOSS drills and some work on how to operate a rescue boat

15 120
Thu, 09/06/2022 Thursday Night IMT session

CIMS based training on various charts for marine SAR scenario incorporating Intelligence, Planning, Logistics, Operations. Multipe agency coordination and asset management.

9 27
Thu, 02/06/2022 Thursday Night training

Crew had a dry night.


PHR Refuel, Worked on Standar Operating Procedures

6 21
May 2022
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Tue, 17/05/2022 Tuesday night training

Vessel familiarisation on Phoenix Rescue. Navigating into Onepoto Harbour and capturing waypoints of the lateral marker poles to show that the chart data is approximately 30-40m off the actual GPS location.

4 14
Sun, 15/05/2022 Senior Crew Assessment

Conor and Tara sat their Senior Assessment with Doug Griffin of Manawatu

3 7.5
Sat, 14/05/2022 First Aid revalidation

3 crew atended a one day course

3 24
Sat, 14/05/2022 PHR Falmirisation

TB masters famil

2 1
Thu, 12/05/2022 Thursday session PHR famil, MR1 Snr review

PHR with CD, area and boat famil

MR1 snr crew assesment review helm. electronics 

7 28
Tue, 03/05/2022 Phoenix familiarisation and moving a launch

Ran the crew through a vessel familiarisation session on Phoenix Rescue before starting a training task to move a launch from it's berth in the marina to the liftout bay.

6 18
Apr 2022
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Sat, 30/04/2022 Senior Crew Assessment

4 crew completed Senior ISC

7 28
Thu, 28/04/2022 Qualified Crew Assessment

CN completed his Qualified crew assessment

5 10
Thu, 28/04/2022 Thursday Snr Crew revision

Snr went over MOSS drills, RASDAR/GPA navigation  

6 18
Tue, 26/04/2022 Tuesday night training

Training on MR1 to prepare for an Opearational assessment for 1 crew member on Thursday and a few Senior assessments on Saturday.

  • helm close quarter
  • tow setup
  • emergency procedures
    • man overboard
    • fire
    • anchoring
    • abandon ship
    • collision
    • loss of power
6 18
Thu, 21/04/2022 Op to Snr Group

4x Op Crew set task of individual search techiniques planning, IMT role, Briefing and finished with a first aid drill.

6 18
Sat, 16/04/2022 Thursday Night: Snr pre assessment training review

MR1 was used to test crew knowledge of MOSS drills and serach patern/development.

  • Fire Fighting
  • Salvage /Fire Pump
  • Abandon Ship
  • Medical emergency
  • Patient Transfer 
  • Setting up a search Plan 
  • Determining search patterns
8 32
Tue, 12/04/2022 Tuesday night training

Radar navigation exercises for each crew member coming in and out of Onepoto Harbour via the channel. Put up a curtain around the navigation station and covered up the chartplotter. 

5 15
Sun, 10/04/2022 Saturday Compass Deviation check, Working with CG Kapiti

a Compass deviation check is required every 12 months under our Marine Operator Safety System. 3 crerw went and worked through under the guideance of Carl.  No major deviation was observed.

ZMR1 then went up to Pukerua bay where we dod some On Scene Command work with Freemasons Rescue and we also checked out the approach into the boat ramp at Pukerua Bay before heading to Kapiti island and checking the inshore passage (Fishermans/Kapiti) and the beach on Browns island)

3 12
Thu, 07/04/2022 Thursday Night review search techniques, Search patterns, MOSS

Crew worked on MOSS checks, search patterns, search planning

7 28
Mar 2022
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 31/03/2022 Thursday night Medical and Fire Fighting/Pump drills

MOSS drills are an important part of our training.

crew worked on a range of medical drills and then ran through setting up and using the poortable poump for salavage and fire fighting, then ran through a range of actions for fire on board our vessel


Medical, salvage pump, fire pump, fire  location, fire fighting,abandon ship, emergency calls 

6 24
Tue, 29/03/2022 Tuesday night training

Follow up to previous training where we helped the Harbour Master to realign the Goat Point leading lights after they moved them. 

Involved lots of waypoint creation and navigation, comms with Harbour Master on shore and recording of information.

4 12
Thu, 24/03/2022 Op to Snr Crew Module Revision

Crew went through all modules, finalised paperwork, made a plan for next Thursday of final pieces to cover off and practice.

5 10
Tue, 22/03/2022 Tuesday night training - sector light checks

Charting out the edges of the sector light segments for the Harbour Master in preparation for them replacing the light at some stage. 

Lots of chart work to navigate to starting points for the checks (as an exercise), radar work, bearing lines, etc. Recorded waypoints as we crossed each sector at 3 different distances from the light.

4 14
Thu, 17/03/2022 Module Revision Night for Snr Assessment Prep

Crew reviewed and went through in depth the following modules in preparation for the senior assessment. Also reviewed the senior assessment guidelines and discussed focus areas.

  • CIMS Practical and Theory
  • Damage Control and Repairs
  • Seamanship 2
5 10
Mon, 14/03/2022 In scene command

On scene command theory session

2 2
Thu, 10/03/2022 CIMS Training Night

Tara Doak led a training night through the CIMS theory module and the practical module covering off all 3x objective for crew. Good discussions had around our role and what the structure looked like during CAT I SAROPS and how we work with other agencies.

5 5
Tue, 01/03/2022 On Scene Command

On Scene Command practical walkthrough session at the base and on the playing fields. Ran through SAR response plannning, briefing and coordinating a search pattern with multiple vessels.

7 21
Feb 2022
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Sat, 26/02/2022 Sunday morning Phoenix Rescue testing

Sunday morning Phoenix Rescue testing

3 9

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