Saving Lives at Sea

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Oct 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 12/10/2017 MR2 launch/retrieve SOP

Launch and retrieve MR2 SOP with new crew

3 6
Thu, 05/10/2017 CRV familiarisation MR1

CRV fam for inductees and trainees, initial run through pointing out where everything is and what it does,notes taken on schematic diagram for later testing

6 12
Thu, 05/10/2017 CRV familiariisation

Crew spent time doing gear familiarisation on MR1 where is it? can I get it blindfolded? can I put it away?

5 10
Sep 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Sat, 30/09/2017 Masters training session

Helm skills, close quarter manouvres

Electronic navigation, system set up, fault finding, tracks, routes.waypoints

Radar,  system setup, fault finding, navigation

2 8
Thu, 28/09/2017 CRV familiarisation MR2

Practical session for MR2 familiarisation starting with bringing it round from park, opening all lockers, investigating all bags and containers. All gear dicussed and logged on outline sheets for recall and testing later. Kate lead discussion and Jason supervised. Kate is up to standard to pass CRV fam for MR2 just needs to do MR1 next week

8 20
Wed, 06/09/2017 CRV familiarisation

initial look at where everything is situated on MR1, recorded on sheets and hopefully to be learned! 

The idea is to locate all items in all lockers, shelves and pockets. Eventually crew should be able to locate named items blindfolded.

3 4.5
Aug 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 31/08/2017 Yacht relocation training session

We relocated a yacht from it's berth in the Marina to the breastworks so that it can lifted out for engine repairs. 

We used this as a training excercise for teamwork and rope work.

5 10
Sun, 27/08/2017 Blind navigation and radar training

MR1 was used with 4 of the senior navigatioon crew to exercise skills in chart plotting, time speeds, chart information, transits and bearings to confirm positopns for turns and estimated position marks.

Second run was blind radar training with a run 200 metres off shore to the West of Mana Island and over to Hongoeka Bay and to the Goat point leads 


5 20
Wed, 16/08/2017 marine search and rescue

marine search and rescue module for 3 inductees

4 6
Wed, 16/08/2017 Damage control and basic repairs

Damage control and basic repairs theory module 

2 4
Sat, 12/08/2017 Blind navigation and bar crossing training

MR1 was taken to sea for blind navigation training. 3 senior crew each built a passage plan that they then had to direct the the crew and boat through.  Each navgator had to work on course, speed and time, depth of water, cross bearings from target points on land and general observation questions to the crew.

The navigators were not able to see out of the boat.

This was followed with some bar crossing heavy weather handling practise for 2 helmsmen.

5 20
Sat, 12/08/2017 Regional Safety Committee

RSC meeting to diseminate key information, new H & S manuals and provide support and back up foa all of the CCR USOs. Resources presented and shared by Doug Clark. Doug was acting chair in the absence of chair. Great discussions of how units operate, minutes now held in the new health and safety manual.

9 54
Wed, 09/08/2017 MOSS intro

Introduction to the Maritime Operators safety Systems theory module

3 6
Wed, 09/08/2017 Working with Aircraft

Working with Aircraft module seminar for jason Sergent after home study

2 2
Wed, 09/08/2017 Surveyors assessment voyage

MR1 was taken out for a short journey over the bar so that the coastguard surveyor could make an assessment of our steering and drive systems.

3 3
Sun, 06/08/2017 Emergency drills

A very experienced crew went out on a sunny winter day and ran through a number of emergency drills :

  • Fire
  • Abondone ship
  • Man overboard
  • Anchoring
8 24
Jul 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Wed, 26/07/2017 Induction session

Induction for Jonathon Boyd

2 4
Tue, 25/07/2017 CRM1

2 inductees for theory of CRM 1

3 7.5
Jun 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Wed, 28/06/2017 Plimmerton Boating Club flare night

MR1 was used to launch red smoke, red hand held and red and white parachute flares along with the boats strobe lighting and hand held strobes to show the members how the flares when set off on the water

4 14
Sat, 24/06/2017 UTO training seminar Training the trainers

CCR held a 2 day seminar to enable unit training officers to coordinate communicate and cooperate on ideas and standardisation of delivery and reporting. Useful contacts made and great ideas diseminated. Mana held up as example of good targetted training towards a unit identified goal. Doug gave several sessions on creating  cohesive targetted training. UTOs from Wellington Kapiti Nelson Marlborough and Manawatu in attendance as well as daren Smith Regional Operations manager

1 12
Sat, 24/06/2017 Waka Ama group on water training session

MR2 was used to provide practise for coastguard and waka ama crews if we even need to respond to a waka ama callout.

coming alongside, rafting up, transferring waka crew to the rescue vessel and back, rafting tow, long tow.

A very interesting session with learning for both organisations

4 12
Sat, 24/06/2017 Waka Ama shore training session

CGM crew worked with the Waka Ama crew to develop a better understanding of how we would carry out recovery of waka crew and the vessel in case of emergency.

Worked through using the right personal flotation device (PFD) difference between buoyancy aids and life jackets with recovery harness, the value of sprayhoods, when and how to call for help, why radio and mobile phone systems are important, recomended that falers (smoke and red) be carried to pinpount location, the value of torches and whistles as signalling devices.

2 4
Sun, 18/06/2017 Plimmerton Kindergarten Mid Winter Dip

We went out and did some navigation practice by navigating without electronics to Mana Island DOC station. Once there we planned a route to Fisherman's Rock and back to Karehana Bay for the mid winter swim.

Stood off the beach and watched the swimmers.

6 24
Sat, 17/06/2017 Navigation training

5 crew went out to practise passage planning, bearings, depth, radar work

5 17.5
Thu, 15/06/2017 NZSAR

Seminar on NZSAR revision for some new for others whohad done the module reading at home

Watched the powerpoint again and had general discussion re contents

went over workbook to ensure all had correct answers

5 7.5
Tue, 06/06/2017 Personal safety theory

Personal theory module and practical fitting of pfds

general discussion of all aspects of crv safety

5 10
May 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Tue, 30/05/2017 Theory module: Coordinated Incident Management System

We ran an Introduction to CIMS module tonight for those that have not already done it and those that needed a refresher. This was run upstairs at the Mana Cruising Club.

9 18
Tue, 30/05/2017 Personal safety theory module

Personal safety module for a new inductee David

powerpoint and module, practical look at day bag contents and pfd fitting

2 4
Sun, 28/05/2017 Emergency drills

Running through emergency procedure drills for:

  • Man overboard
  • Fire
  • Abandon Ship

Navigated to Titahi Bay and performed manual depth soundings into the bay to excercise teamwork and communications between the crew, to ensure safety at all times without becoming task focused.

6 33
Sun, 28/05/2017 Unit induction and Health and Safety

Induction to base and unit for 2 new inductees, started Personal safety module too

3 6
Sat, 27/05/2017 advanced navigation training

MR1 was used for the  training session for the crew navigation endorsement, a mix of 3 and 2 position fies wre used to eastablish postions and then the use of radar to establish and confirm bearings and distances to travel. communication between the deck crew and navigator so that the crew were supporting the safe navigation of the vessel.

MR1 returned to base from the plimmerton boat club via he onehunga bay mooring with the navigator giving helm directions using the radar and depth sounder only (no nav visual or gps plot)

5 17.5
Sun, 21/05/2017 advanced navigation training

4 crew used MR1 as the training platform to build on navigation theory training,

hand bearing compass to obtain 3 confirmed bearings to convert to a chart plotted positon, then 2 bearings to determine a location, calculations and chart marking.

The ran radar picture to determine the radar image of the local coastline, with the use of range (in/Out) EBL and VRR. finished with radar navigation onto the outer lead line and radar navigation to the marina entrance

4 10
Sat, 20/05/2017 advanced navigation training

3 crew ran through advanced navigation practise, starting with a mooring exercise to get a stable platform to work from, then shooting compass bearings for conversion from magnetic to chart bearings, confirmation of chart bearings by radar bearings and plotting the location useing 3 x 3 bearing sets.

We then ran live radar bearings and ranges on blind transits in the mana approaches area and Titahi Bay

3 15
Thu, 11/05/2017 Search techniques
  • Discussed planning and setup of search patterns
  • Night time nav to tide diamond A
  • Established visual detection range and sweep width using buoy
  • Performed expanding box search
  • Performed search to recover buoy
4 14
Tue, 09/05/2017 MOSS practical

register review for remainder of unit, MOSS review and near miss reporting for all. Intro to the VAULT app

2 5
Thu, 04/05/2017 Night navigation training

Thirsday night was used to reinforce blind navigation training for masters and operational cres and local area familiarisation for our trainee crew members

MR1 was used to run radar bearing, range ring, use of depth contours, GPS plot and GPS error against actual radar picture.

Trainees ran a manual chart plot with depth, location every 10 minutes whilst still acting as the primary lookouts as the navigation team wer locatimng and approaching targets in Porirua harbour

DPA was Doug, our UTO/USO who was busy at base updating equipmemnt records


6 18
Tue, 02/05/2017 MOSS Practical

register review for remainder of unit, MOSS review and near miss reporting for all. Intro to the VAULT app

3 7.5
Apr 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 27/04/2017 MOSS review and intro to incident reporting via vault

register review for whole unit, MOSS review and near miss reporting for all. Intro to the VAULT app

CORS review for Masters and Senior crew

21 52.5
Sun, 09/04/2017 CRV vessel handling training

Close quarter manovering around piles and mariner berths

2 3
Tue, 04/04/2017 MOSS introduction

Basic MOSS workbook session for those not done last year

precursor to MOSS practical competencies to be done for whole unit next week

8 16
Tue, 04/04/2017 Area familiarisation of Mana coastal area

 Area familiarisation of tne Mana coastal area, conducted for the Opperations department of Wellington Regional Emergency Management Office WREMO. Areas visted, Titahi Bay, Plimmerton boat ramp, Mana Island, and other areas of interest. Five WREMO  staffmembers onboard.

2 11
Mar 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 30/03/2017 Anchoring and equipment familiarisation

Running through anchoring procedures and reviewing first aid equipment and it's use on board Mana Rescue 1.

Man overboard procedure performed during anchor recovery.

4 12
Tue, 28/03/2017 Seamanship 1

a comprehensive revision of the practical concepts of seamanship 1

anchor was inspected, measured recorded and stowed, various other aspects looked at

4 8
Sun, 26/03/2017 Sunday training and Z Energy filmiing

MR1 was used for helm practise in the morning, close quarter and speed drills with manuvreing.

in the afternoon we were filmed as part of the good in the hood promotion for Z Energy, Z Energy are a great promotor of support to Coastguard Mana

2 12
Sun, 26/03/2017 Good in the Hood, film session

Z Energy good in the hood was filmed at the Coastguard Base. 

5 15
Thu, 16/03/2017 2 boat sarex training session ending with 2 rescues

thursday evenings crew training was intended to be a multi scenario two boat sarex. plans changed when MR1 took debris into the impellor and had to return to base for a lift out a debris clearance.  When this was happening MR2 picked up an urgency call from  5.7 metre boat with engine troubles near the bridge off mana Island.

As MR1 came back into service a launch in the channel requested a tow back into B pier in the Mana Marina

the night ended with 2 tows and some good crew learning from the night

8 28
Thu, 09/03/2017 Training exercise Kayak recovery

4 crew particpated in a mini sarex to locate a distresses kayaker, establish communications and recover the paddler and kayak.

3 recovery scenarios were ran, 2 using throw bags and the 3rd using a towed recovery sling. On each occasion the paddler and kayak were recovered on bopard Mana Rescue 1

On completion of the exercise 2 crew were run through CRV fam on MR1.

Skills tested were; communication (radio, voice and crew), area fam, SAR planning, recovery planning, CRM, use of floating line recovery devices.

5 75
Thu, 02/03/2017 transfer of crew to small boats and small boat tows

MR1 was used as the main vessel for an exercise to transfer crew from small boats and small boat tows.

tasks covered included, small boat rowing, coming alongsider small boat, transfer of crew to and from a small boat, towing on a short and long tow, dropping a drogue, extending a tow line. towing an empty small; boat hard on the stren and alongside.

Command taken by potential masters (Nixon, Clark)

Coms/Navigation by Sarge

Fire drill completed (white smoke from the nav station)

8 28
Feb 2017
Date Title Teaser Turnout Total Volunteer Hours
Thu, 23/02/2017 Thursday night training

Both boats were out on the water running through training towards operational status. Items covered included:

  • fire drills
  • MOB
  • observation techniques
  • area familiarisation
  • victim recovery (including dummy recovery)
  • helm
  • visual navigation
  • radar ranging
  • towing
9 27
Thu, 16/02/2017 Night training, navigation, helm.

MR1 used to set up for departure, then out to sea for normal training.

MR1 developed a power and vibration problem and we returned nto base to lift the boat and inspect the jet drive system,  some weed was found at the intake and two small but solid sticks were found inside the and outside the impleeor.

Crew had a chance to experience a propulsion problem and the liftout and relaunch process. MR1 was taken out to sea for a test and all tested out to normal standards

5 15
Thu, 09/02/2017 Tow training

Training in the Onepoto Arm of Porirua Harbour with MR1 towing MR2 as the "victim". Cover the full evolution of planning/assessing, setting up a long tow, towing at speed. Also covered towing alongside and line throwing.

6 21
Sun, 05/02/2017 Navigation and helm training to Kapiti Island

Training trip to Kapiti Island and back, via Hunters Bank and Kapiti Boating Club.

Covered basic passage skills as well as heavy weather handling. 

Finished off with a rescue of a runabout SE of Mana Island.

5 25

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