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Neu Beginnings

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Operation Details
Sat, 17/09/2016 - 08:30 - 11:30
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CG Operation (good samaritan)
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New Beginnings, ferro cement yacht broke loose from her mooring in the main navigation and beached. crew placed on standby waiting permission from the owner to board and make safe. Harbour ranger on hand to determine likley needs for Harbour Master

0900 operation started to recover the vessel while the tide was high with owners rep onboard MR1. attended at the vessel, ran through the risk asement process and likliehood of a succesful tow, created the initial action plan, assigned staff and tasks.1 coastguard creman transferred to the casualty to support the owners rep

Started with a tow off the stern port bitt, vessel was rocking but various angles and power setting, change of tow length failed to pull the vessel.

Reviewed the action plan and changed to a bow pull using a long tow and forward samson post,sawing the bow of the vessel out toward deeper water, vessel came free after sustained postive tow pressure.

Vessel controlled and tow line recoverd. Second crewman placed on board to suppot mooring pickup. Vessels own power system in use during the recovery and owners rep was happy to put the vessel onto an spare mooring.


41° 6' 1.512" S, 174° 51' 47.9448" E
Vessel Details
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