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Broken down dinghy

Posted by Mark Presling
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Mon, 28/10/2013 - 19:30 - 21:30
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A small dinghy/runabout broke down while returning to Titahi Bay from fishing nearby with 2 people on board. They were able to contact Police via mobile phone who dispatched Coastguard Mana to locate them.

Trust Porirua Rescue were able to locate them near Titahi Bay just as night was falling and it was getting dark. They were found at anchor wearing lifejackets but had no other form of communication, signalling equipment, or any form of emergency gear. The skipper of the vessel was wearing a t-shirt and shorts with an air temperature of approximately 10º and a wind-chill of approximately 5º, with air temperatures falling fast as night approached.

Had their cellphone battery died (as it often does with smartphones towards the end of the day) they would have had no way of signalling for help and would have had a very uncomfortable/cold night at anchor in a very small vessel.


41° 6' 9.3312" S, 174° 49' 1.92" E
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