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Day crew swimmer recovery

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Thu, 01/03/2012

The day crew practised recovery options for people in the water, the session started with a hazard assesment and options for recovery.  On land practise session and then onto Porirua Rescue for an alongside lesson.

Chris D was kitted out in his brand new dry suit and had no problems taking to the wate as our willing victim;

practical training was;

  • Conscious and unconscious person with PFD (life jacket)
  • Conscious and unconscious person without PFD, the unconscious drill required the crew to maintain visual contact with the person and to direct hlm actions to bring the boat to them
  • Use of the throw bag to bring theconscious person alongside
  • Face to boat and back to boat recovery positions (back is best)
  • Patient control once on board, warm/dry/oxygen/vital signs
  • Transfer to stretcher, securing to stretcher and transfer from boat to shore
  • The evening finished with a debrief
6 people
Total Volunteer Hours: 

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