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Day Crew Training

Posted by Mark Presling
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Thu, 16/02/2012

Weekly training session for the Day Crew. Practiced performing a beach landing to simulate dropping a medic on the beach at Green Bay to attend to a victim and recovering that person back on board.

The procedure was:

  • drop the anchor approximately 50m out from the shore in the middle of the bay and set the boat vessel on the anchor
  • attach the slack in the anchor rode to the tow post at the stern of the vessel
  • detach the rode from the bow and move the anchor point to the stern, keeping the rope clear of the props
  • once slack taken up start approaching the beach while passing out slack in the anchor line
  • touch the bow on the beach and offload the medic
  • back off the beach and sit on the anchor line approx 5-10m off
  • once medic ready approach beach again and recover them
  • back off the beach, taking in slack in the anchor line
  • swap anchor point from stern to bow
  • recover anchor as per usual procedures

Also simulated a crew member "disappearing" and not returning to the stern from the bow with everyone else. This was detected by the acting Master immediately and dealt with.

Picked up a mooring at Mana Island for a debrief before returning to base.

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