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Launch broken off pole moorings

Posted by Mark Presling
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Operation Details
Sun, 27/12/2020 - 18:00 - 20:45
Operation Type: 
CG Operation (good samaritan)
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A small launch on the pole moorings broke its stern line and drifted around on its bow line and wedged itself between the pole and the yacht moored in front of it. We were asked by the pole mooring manager to assist with getting it back on its mooring so that it didn't damage the yacht. MR1 was used to push it around and secure it back in place.

Also assisted the Mana Marina manager to recover the turning bouys from outside the entrance that had broken away.

Also removed a rudder off a yacht moored in the channel that had broken away at he bottom mount and was swinging on the transom on a rope. It was put in the cockpit so it would not be lost and would not damage the vessel further.


41° 6' 22.8528" S, 174° 51' 32.8932" E
Vessel Details
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