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Person in the water

Posted by Trevor Farmer
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Operation Details
Mon, 01/06/2015 - 16:55 - 18:00
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Coastguard Mana was tasked to support police in getting a person from the water in the Pauahatanui end of Porirua Harbour.

Mana Rescue 2 (5.8 m RHIB) with 3 crew and 2 police officers were tasked.  Support was available from Westpac rescue Helicopter and police on shore to locate the person.

It was low tide, so accessing the area where the person was last seen required a good knowledge of where the sandbanks were and the safe routes in and out. The person was sighted by Westpac Rescue and Mana Rescue 2 was directed into the area to recover the person. On recovery the person was looked after in the boatd (cold after 60 minutes in the water) whilst we returned to Mana Marina where an ambulance and crew were waiting.


41° 5' 52.6308" S, 174° 53' 36.7656" E
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