Saving Lives at Sea

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Oct 2012
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Tue, 23/10/2012 Tuesday night training

Both TPR & Pelorus went to sea tonight - giving the trainee masters further practise time before their practical exam.  

TPR radioed to Base for a position to get the navigator to key into the GPS and then proceed to that position.  They then went into Green Point area  where they went through MOB, fire drill, abandon ship, anchoring & general navigation before returning to base.

19 47.5
Thu, 25/10/2012 Thursday training

Training tonight was a mixture of  sector search patterns; bumps & grinds; and an emergency anchor exercise in the harbour

6 12
Sat, 27/10/2012 Master test day - session one

The trainee masters test was held today.  First session - Pelorus set out for some MOB & maneouvering practices before heading out to Shelly Bay area to assist TPR with a search & find exercise with tow practice.  Pelorus returned to base while TPR did close quarter maneouvering before end of exercise.

12 42
Sat, 27/10/2012 Master test day - session two

Second group of crew taken for last of the trainee masters to be put through their paces.  Pelorus again went & "hid" giving only basic info of  location so TPR had to locate them from limited details.  After this exercise, TPR went out over the bar for further master testing while Pelorus went up under the bridges & around Onepoto harbour for familiarisation

12 42
Tue, 30/10/2012 Tuesday night training

Training tonight saw one of our new masters in charge of TPR.  Both TPR & Pelorus went out - Pelorus initially "hid" for TPR to locate then they did some towing practise.  IMT team were kept busy attempting to plot positions on the charts

13 32.5
Nov 2012
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Tue, 06/11/2012 Tuesday night training

Both boats went to sea tonight. TPR initially did comms checks on different stations from behind Mana Island - calls back to base & Pelorus.  They also did navigation training.

Pelorus did masters helming practise along with the comms checks with base & TPR

16 40
Thu, 08/11/2012 Thursday Training


Run around with crew positioning in different areas of the boat including helming, nav and radio work. Session cut short as large amounts of fuel could be smelled on 4 different times. Engine fire and abandon ship proceedures were practiced.

5 10
Sat, 10/11/2012 TPR Test run

TPR was taken out to try and replicate the fuel smell from Thursdays training run. 

6 9
Thu, 15/11/2012 Thursday crew training night

Crew training night

* Trust Porirua Rescue:  Estimated position navigation, helm control/course to steer, deck set up for tow and required knots, radio checks for strength in the training area. Low speed close quarter manouvreing

*IMT session, radio operator, chart plot for search patterns


8 16
Thu, 22/11/2012 Thursday training A

Harbour manovering - manovering to a mooring buoy.

4 8
Thu, 22/11/2012 Thursday training B

navigation, anchoring,mob exercise

6 12
Tue, 27/11/2012 Tuesday Night Ladies Crew

CVR Pelorus - Launching and retrieval procedures, mooring/ unmooring, slow speed manouvering.

4 12
Thu, 29/11/2012 Thursday late crew training

CRV Pelorus, Toyota.

Coastline search practise with information back to IMT, search area Plimmerton boating club to Te Rewa Rewa.

Target located and recovered

Pelorus, MOB, 3 point turns, visual nav, chartplotter, lead lights

10 20
Dec 2012
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Thu, 06/12/2012 Thursday training A

Marina manovering practice

5 11.25
Tue, 11/12/2012 Ladies Crew Training

On shore covered berthing lines, types of ropes carried on CRV Pelorus.Practiced throwing Heaving Line, Throw Bag and Life Ring

4 10
Thu, 13/12/2012 ANZ Warer Safety Prize

ANZ Water Safety Prize trip with the Mayor of Porirua

4 4
Sun, 16/12/2012 Ladies Crew logbok and local area famliarisation

Log book checks to confirm future training needs, Chart work (NZ46, NZ4632) to confirm local visual nav points and operation area.

4 8
Mon, 17/12/2012 Ladies Crew Training

Used Charts NZ46 & NZ4632 plotted courses

4 8
Sat, 29/12/2012 Ladies crew

CRV Pelorus;

Marina manouvreing, 3 point turns, berthing, reversing, traversing fingers, fuel dock, manuvreing on a line.

MOB, S-turns at moderate speed, kedge anchoring, beach landing, picking up a buoy.\

Boat washed down with salt away

4 20
Jan 2013
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Thu, 10/01/2013 Ladies Crew

start checks, towing and launch procedures

inshore navigation, depth finding, transit points, helm orders, course to steer, angle of turn.

High and low speed manouvering, ferry glides, berthing

3 9
Sun, 20/01/2013 Helm Training Program

First session of this advanced helm training program that is being run by one of our masters to train up a group of dedicated helmspeople that we can put on the helm of either vessel and know that they are able to perform helming duties while on a rescue or training with a high level of accuracy and safety.

4 12
Sun, 27/01/2013 Helm Training Program

Practising and perfecting the procedure for coming alongside/berthing at the fuel berth. Helmsperson must approach at a suitable angle, allowing for the drift of the wind, use the engines to stop the vessel and pull the stern onto the jetty in one movement without bouncing or rubbing.

5 15
Feb 2013
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Sun, 03/02/2013 ladies crew training day

Pauahatanui arm of the harbour

Navigation in channel, underwater hazard observations, depth testing by chartplotter and depth pole,

Reversing into wind, Tow set up, Towing, reducing Yaw on the tow. recocvering the tow.

2 x MOB drills

sharp turns through dan buoy gates, using engine controls to assist turns. safe navigationn abck into base, marina entry set up for entry with tow.

3 7.5
Sun, 03/02/2013 Helm Training Program

Practising and perfecting the procedure for coming alongside/berthing at the fuel berth. Helmsperson must approach at a suitable angle, allowing for the drift of the wind, use the engines to stop the vessel and pull the stern onto the jetty in one movement without bouncing or rubbing.

Entering an empty marina berth and holding position for as long as possible until the wind takes hold. Helmsperson must exit again without touching anything.

5 15
Thu, 07/02/2013 First training night of 2013

This was the first "all of crew" training session for the new year. We had a number of new recruits come down for an induction/introduction as well as the regulars that hadn't been out for the earlier session from 1630.

14 28
Thu, 07/02/2013 Thurdsday Afternoon Training Session

First training sesion of the year with a good turn out to the early session.

As per the training schedule the group carried out basic safety drills which included the following;

MOB, Fire, Grounding and collision,Abandon ship, and Medical emergency .

As part of this process crew role positions actions were reviewed prior to each exercise.

6 9
Sat, 09/02/2013 Ladies crew: 09/02/13

CRV Pelorus:

Helm and navigation, tranzits, boat positioning, course to steer, timed tracks, recovering anchors and other items



3 10.5
Thu, 14/02/2013 Thursday Training A

TPR to south of Mana Island where Rainbow Warrior was anchored. Anchoring Exercise at Hongoeka Bay.

5 10
Thu, 14/02/2013 Thursday night training

Both vessels undertook local familiarisation for new crew members and visited Rainbow  Warrior off the south of Mana. .

14 35
Thu, 14/02/2013 General training 14/02/13

CRV Pelorus:

Demonstrating: Bar crossing, quartering waves, stemming waves, nav marks, area fam, running waves, headings, lookout, other vessel nav lights.

3 6
Sat, 16/02/2013 Port Watch Training

Training on Pelorus included Local familiarisation & transit points. Christopher Pye also present today. Overheard on Channel 16 local launch reporting battery problems. Located launch quickly and then returned to base to collect battery charger. Launch still wouldn't start so Trevor arranged for TPR to be manned. Pelorus transported 3 children and one adult from launch and returned them to base.Pelorus then followed TPR out to launch and acted as break.

4 6
Sun, 17/02/2013 Helm training

Regular Sunday morning helm training session to bring up new helmspeople in a specialised role. Training involved a continuation of the exercise on the poles at the end of the pole moorings from last time where the vessel is manoeuvred from pole to pole, swinging from bow to stern and vice-versa attached to lines. This is a good exercise in not only controlling the vessel in a constrained environment but also teamwork and effective communication/coordination. Opposing wind and tide made things a little more challenging today.

4 12
Thu, 21/02/2013 Thursday night training

Crew split into two groups. Group one went over the new launch/recovery procedures where the vessel is left in a 'Hot Launch' ready state rather than checklists being done to get it ready for departure.

The second group were new crew members that went through basic rope techniques, knots, etc.

12 24
Thu, 21/02/2013 Thursday afternoon training

First run through the new launch/recovery procedures where the vessel is left in a 'Hot Launch' ready state rather than checklists being done to get it ready for departure. Procedures put to the test and tweaks made ready for the following training session to run through.

4 8
Sun, 24/02/2013 Helm Training Program

Today we did a mixture of advanced and beginner activites on CRV Pelorus. Initially we were working in and around the piles of the railway bridge to put a senior crew member through their paces in the strong tidal current coming through the channel. This involved tasks to challenge the helmsman to accurately judge distances, drift patterns, throttle control, gear selection, etc.

4 12
Thu, 28/02/2013 Thursday night training

TPR & Pelorus cleaned inside and out.  IMT  Hut - contents sorted and area cleaned.  Container also tidied.

10 15
Mar 2013
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Thu, 07/03/2013 Thursday night training - navigation

This was a land-based navigation and chartwork session. Items covered were:


  • Mercator projection
  • lat/lon
  • depth contours
  • chart marks for rocks, buoys, cardinal
  • compass rose


  • variation / deviation
  • plotting a passage
  • true / magnetic
  • distance
  • etc
10 20
Thu, 07/03/2013 Thursday Night Training


Basic navigation presented by John Bass

15 30
Sun, 10/03/2013 Helm training program

Manouevring exercises under the bridge in strong currents. Then back into marina for more of the basic excercises for the newer group members.

3 9
Sun, 10/03/2013 Helm training

Basic helm work: mooring, unmooring, working off a bow line, engine and directional control. reverse manuovreing. 

4 12
Apr 2013
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Thu, 04/04/2013 Thursday Training

Training coordinator: T Farmer

Location: Porirua City Council's Emergency Operation Centre, Selby Place, Porirua.

 Training type: Simulated Incident Management scenario.

The group was split into two parts -  group A acted as vessels on scene - group B acted as the Incident Management team.

12 24
Thu, 11/04/2013 Thursday 11/04/2013 training

All crew where put through "Basic Lines and Knots checklist"
Assessors where Matt, John and Chris.
Practice using the dewatering/fire pump was also done.
Sheets collected by Chris to assess any remedial training needed.

13 26
Sun, 14/04/2013 Sunday training

As Pelorus was being used at an event in Wellington and unavailable the usual Sunday helm training moved onto Porirua Rescue with a full crew. Training involved a simulated search for a person in the water where we dropped a buouy in the water at tidal diamond A on the chart and we let it drift for 35mins while we went somewhere else and did victim recovery practice at Mana Island.

We then calculated the expected drift based on the current tide and wind and proceded to that spot where we started a sector search pattern. We located the "victim" on the second leg of the pattern.

7 21
Thu, 18/04/2013 Thursday Night Training 18 April 2013

Navigation training (plotting latitude and longitude, plotting bearings and distances)

Knots and heaving lines (practical knots and assessments)

13 26
Sun, 21/04/2013 Sunday training

Simulated person in the water by deploying a dan buoy between Mana Island and Titahi Bay. We then went and practiced anchoring in Green Bay. While there we ran through some basic training and practiced throwing lines.

Started an expanding box search pattern looking for dan buoy. Nothing found, so returned to initial splash point and started a sector search pattern. Still nothing found, even after covering a large area of water within the expected drift zone for that time and current.

7 21
Sun, 28/04/2013 Sunday training

Today's training session involved some highly technical static tow setups on CRV Trust Porirua Rescue. We approached the pole moorings under the bridge, which are only 5m from the breakwall, bow-on and attached our main towline to the end pole. We then had to back off and pivot around, running the towline to the stern and attaching it to the tow post. We then began to "tow" the post.

6 18
May 2013
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Thu, 02/05/2013 Thursday Day training

MOB excercises including towed horshoe.Throw bag on MOB. Close quarters high speed navigation green bay. Mooring pickup.


5 15
Sun, 05/05/2013 Sunday 05/05/2013

Pelorus and TPR training together .
helm practice on both.
coming along side at planing speed and  displacement speed.
TPR towing Pelorus
Nav exercises.
Local area familiarization.
High speed turn practice  and multiple quick victim pickups. 

7 28
Thu, 09/05/2013 Thursday Night training 09/05/2013

Boatmaster tutorials

Pelorus hot launch procedures and shutdown procedure practice.
Crew signed off .

New training regime and documentation introduced.

10 20
Thu, 30/05/2013 Victim Recovery - dockside training, Mana Marina

Training covered the following;

SAP - Stop, Assess, Plan (hazards, plan etc)

In water assistance (risk to crew, victim etc);

Recovery - concious person (size, injuries clothing of victim etc);

Facing away from CRV (CRV drift line, injury risk);

Facing into CRV (life jacket, male/female considerations etc);

Equipment (slings, scoops, stretchers etc);

Body Retrieval (Police notification etc);

Locations (vessel, rocks etc);

10 20
Jun 2013
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Thu, 06/06/2013 Thursday night training

Rules of the road covered by John Bass. Also navigation markers explained.

11 16.5
Thu, 13/06/2013 Thursday night training

Carolyn Jameson took us through basic first-aid, and described the sort of medical emergency we may encounter at sea. Showed and demonstrated items contained in medical  bags stored on TPR.

Ben Ryan demonstrated the different types of stretchers



13 26

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