Saving Lives at Sea

Maritime Emergency?

Dial 111 and ask for Police

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"There is little better than a day out on the water. Whether it's a gentle sail, a blast up the coast, lines over the side, a dive to explore the bottom, or a get together with mates....

...there is little worse than finding yourself in trouble in that patch of paradise, wishing that you knew more, or that your family or crew could get you and your boat safely back to shore if ever they had to."

Coastguard looks out for the safety of every person who goes to sea off our coast or enjoys any of the region's harbours, or beaches.


Boatie seeks help

23 Oct 2006
Posted by Mark Presling

The Dominion Post. Monday, October 23, 2006

Mana Coastguard was called to help tow a stranded boatie at 5.45pm yesterday after the seven-metre launch Astrolab experienced engine problems just north of Mana Island.

Posted by Mark Presling

NZ Police News Release

11:40pm 18 October 2006

Search and Rescue specialists have found a man safe and well after he went missing on his boat while diving with a friend off Titahi Bay.

Sergeant Jo Holden, Wellington Police Search and Rescue, said the alarm was raised after one of the men surfaced at 6.30pm from his second dive for kina to find that his friend and their 14ft fibreglass boat had disappeared.

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